Richard “Harley” Smith – CEO

Richard “Harley” Smith is a leader in healthcare management who’s known for his innovative approach to running hospitals and nursing homes. He’s earned a reputation for success, especially in recruiting top-notch physicians, nurturing medical staff, and rallying diverse teams to excel in patient care and financial goals. His knack for strategy shines through in his ability to secure new business opportunities and improve processes to raise the bar for patient care.

His educational background speaks to his expertise: a Master’s in Business Administration in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix, complemented by a Master’s in Human Resource Management from Golden Gate University. His Bachelor’s in Health & Physical Education from Coker College underscores his holistic understanding of wellness, while his Associates in Radiology from George Washington University reflects his commitment to staying updated on medical technologies.

Outside of work, Harley is passionate about golf and fishing. Golfing offers him a chance to unwind and focus solely on the game, while fishing provides a peaceful escape into nature, allowing him to connect with the elements and find tranquility in the rhythm of the water.