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Acute Inpatient Services
24/7 Emergency Department
Nutritional Services
Physical Therapy
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Acute Inpatient Services

Izard Regional Hospital is a 25-bed critical access hospital providing quality care for your inpatient needs. We provide local community care to keep you and your family close to home when hospitalization is needed. The best staff is provided to make sure your medical and physical needs are met while here.


24/7 Emergency Department

  • Izard Regional Hospital is a full-service emergency care facility providing emergency services 24 hours a day.
  • Izard Regional Hospital is a full-service emergency care facility providing emergency services 24 hours a day. The department provides care to patients of all ages and those with diagnoses ranging from non-emergent complaints to life-threatening conditions. The Emergency Department provides emergency healthcare for all types of injuries and illnesses. IRH participates in State programs related to Trauma, Heart Attacks, and Stroke Systems.
  • Izard Regional Hospital Emergency Department has 4 rooms, all of which are equipped with monitoring services. Laboratory, radiology, and other invasive and non-invasive services are immediately available to the patient population needing them.
  • All physicians on staff in Izard Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department are specialty-trained in Emergency Medicine. Additionally, the emergency department is staffed with Registered Nurses that are certified in pediatric advanced life support, adult advanced life support, and trauma.


  • Izard Regional Hospital’s full-service laboratory offers clinical, pathology and cytology services to physicians and patients. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and experienced professional staff. Our professional staff are highly trained and dedicated to placing the patient first and meeting your needs.
  • Izard Regional Hospital benefits health care providers and their patients by:
    • Providing convenient, local access to STAT and routine testing 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency and inpatients.
    • Offering an extensive test menu for our patients and physician convenience. Providing outreach services to nursing homes, home health care, assisted living facilities and physician clinics.

Nutritional Services

  • Nutrition service provided by a Registered Dietitian to prevent, delay, or manage diseases and conditions.
  • Provides visits with an in-depth nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, and intervention treatment plan.
  • Improves the health and quality of life for individuals with: Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cardiovascular Disease (hypertension, dyslipidemia, congestive heart failure), Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Weight disorders (overweight/obesity, bariatric surgery, eating disorders).

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

  • We tailor each individual’s therapy plan to his or her unique needs.
  • Izard Regional Therapy Services is a leader in therapy expertise. We staff and operate inpatient and outpatient therapy services to provide patients and residents with physical therapy. Our goal for patients is simple: to help them to live dignified and optimally independent lives. We tailor each individual’s therapy plan to his or her unique needs.
  • Our physical therapists help patients to regain their strength and balance, prevent falls, increase range of motion, and decrease pain. Through therapeutic exercise programs, patients can increase their strength, muscle function, coordination, endurance, and mobility. This is especially important after a fall, injury, or surgery. We tailor each individual’s therapy plan to his or her unique needs.


Izard Regional Hospital’s Department of Radiology offers state-of-the-art imaging in a professional and personal setting. Our radiology department is covered 24/7 by a licensed Radiology Technologist. Our studies are interpreted by a licensed Radiologist and most results will be relayed to your Physician within 24 hours. Izard Regional Hospital is accredited by the American College of Radiology in CT and MRI. We are pleased to offer various radiology services including:

  • General Radiology (X-ray)
    General radiology tests, also called x-rays, use high-energy radiation to create images of bones and internal organs. X-ray is a simple, painless medical test that helps your physician view and assess conditions ranging from broken bones to pneumonia to cancer.
  • Ultrasound
    An ultrasound test uses reflected sound waves to produce an image of the organs in the body. The words “ultrasound study”, “ultrasound exam”, and “sonogram” all mean the same thing.
    During an ultrasound the patient is asked to lie down on the exam table. A gel is applied to the part of the body being examined and then a small instrument called a transducer or probe is passed over that area by the sonographer. The patient may be asked to move into different positions or to hold their breath to improve imaging. Some ultrasound examinations require special preparations, which will be explained during scheduling.
  • CT (Computed Tomography or CAT Scan)
    Computed Tomography is a type of radiologic exam where the x-ray source rotates around the patient. A computer then interprets the information and creates a cross-sectional image or a “slice”. The patient is asked to lie on a table and the area being scanned will be moved into the scanner. For most exams the patient will lie on his or her back. Some of the exams require the patient to hold their breath. Also depending on the type of exam requested, an intravenous contrast may be administered. Preparation is required for some examinations, which may involve drinking an oral contrast and/or fasting. These preparations will be explained at the time of scheduling.
  • MRI
    MRI is a way of taking pictures of your body and its chemical make-up. It’s a safe way to make an image of your body that does not use radiation. It uses a strong magnetic field supplied by a magnet and radio waves. An MRI examination requires the patient to lie on a table. The area of the body to be scanned will be positioned in the center of the magnet. The patient will enter the magnet either feet or head first, depending on the type of exam being performed. A small device called a surface coil may be placed near the part of the body to be scanned to improve images.
  • Echocardiogram
    An echocardiogram is an ultrasound test that can evaluate the structures of the heart, as well as the direction of blood flow within it. Technicians specially trained in echocardiography produce the images and videos, often using a special probe or transducer that is placed in various places on the chest wall, to view the heart from different directions. Cardiologists, or heart specialists, are trained to evaluate these images to assess heart function and provide a report of the results. The echocardiogram is just one of the many tests that can be done to evaluate heart anatomy and function.

Rural Health Clinic

Surgery Services

Our Surgeons and staff will provide you with all the necessary information pertaining to your specific procedure.

Patients who have surgery at Izard Regional Out-Patient Surgery Center experience some of the finest care in Izard County. We have skilled staff and nurses working alongside first-rate Surgeons to care for you and your family before, during, and after your surgery. Our Surgeons and staff will provide you with all the necessary information pertaining to your specific procedure including i information to help you prepare for surgery.

Surgical Services We Provide:

  • Anesthesia Services
  • General Surgery: (Laparoscopy for Diagnostics and Treatment, Gallbladder Repair, Hernia Repair, Breast Surgery, Hemorrhoid Surgery, Colon Surgery, Appendectomy, Port-A-Cath Placement, Wound Debridement, Colostomy Closure, Node Biopsy, Thyroid Surgery, Skin Grafts and others)
  • Endoscopy Procedures: EGD, Colonoscopy

Swing Bed Program

Swing Bed

Swing Bed is a Medicare program designed to provide additional inpatient care to those needing extra time to heal or strengthening. The term “SwingBed” refers to the use of hospital beds for either acute or skilled nursing care. Our Swing Bed Program offers a much-needed service for patients who no longer need acute hospital care, but do need skilled nursing or therapy care to complete their recovery.

Services we provide:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Established trach care
  • Wound Care (including wound vacs)
  • IV antibiotics
  • Post-surgical Care
  • Respiratory
  • Nutrition (including TPN)
  • Examples of diagnoses that may meet Swing Bed criteria:
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Diabetes
  • Rehabilitation following major surgical procedures, such as hip or knee replacements
  • Pain management in terminal illness
  • Amputations, traumatic injuries
  • Conditions requiring IV therapy
  • Wound care

Our Swing Bed Program offers patients:

  • A seamless transition from acute to follow-up care
  • The assurance of an accredited hospital setting
  • 24- hour care provided by a team of skilled nurses, nurses, physicians, and therapists
  • The comfort and familiarity of a local hospital
  • Access to diagnostic services if necessary
  • Convenience near to loved ones and friends
  • No Chest X-Ray or TB Skin Test required
  • All Private Rooms
  • Patient must have been hospitalized in an acute care setting for a three day period within the last 30 days to qualify.

Our Referral Process

During your hospital stay, your Nurse Case Manager will monitor your progress and coordinate your discharge plans with your Physician. If appropriate, they will send a referral to our Swing Bed Coordinator. The Swing Bed Coordinator will verify your insurance coverage and determine if you meet criteria. If you feel you need additional care, ask your Case Manager or Physician about Swing Bed.

Swing Bed Coordinator

phone: 870-297-2435
fax: 870-297-4161