Sherry Logan and Family

“My father was transferred from a large facility to Izard County Hospital. Although he was very ill, the large facility simply gave us a sheet of nursing homes and said to pick one. After speaking with Izard County, they agreed to admit my father. Arriving at Izard County at 7:30 pm, it was apparent they were different. The nursing staff had my father’s room ready for him when we arrived. The staff were extremely helpful and caring as if he was their father. Dr. Lane made a special trip to the hospital that night to review my father’s medicine and history to ensure his care started immediately. Over the course of two weeks, my father went from being completely bedridden to walking nine steps and sitting. He was having problems eating. Daily, the kitchen staff visited him to discuss what he thought he could eat. They made special items and brought them to his room to see if he could tolerate them. This was an incredible act of kindness we will never forget. The nursing staff not only cared for my father but would sit and discuss life. Every shift went beyond their job descriptions to help my father and our family. The nurses made Sprite floats to see if he could tolerate it. These ladies were simply amazing. Although Dad didn’t feel like being mobile, the physical therapy department pushed him to move. He was so proud the day he walked nine steps. These ladies pushed him to be better and encouraged him to get stronger. Thank you for your selfless work and the endless hours that the staff devoted to the care of our father. It did not go unnoticed.